The Fork King of the Sea.


Fincher Marrow is captain of the Incorrigible. He wields a magic trident called the Fork of the Sea King., which he won off a dice game with said King. Afterwards, Fincher declared himself Fork King of the Sea.

Fincher used to be a smuggler for the Auron Rebellion. He is best friends with Tom and Sheela who also travel with him around the world on their frigate.

Fincher is from Valendia, same neighborhood as Tom. Fincher almost married Tom’s sister but dipped out the day of the wedding. Drama occurred and Tom was very frustrated, but was strung along into Fincher’s shenanigans. Together they sailed around the seas, becoming renowned smugglers.

Eventually they were caught by The Golden Dawn Imperial Navy and imprisoned in the Iron Mountain Prison, where they met their cellmate Sheela. Sheela wound up protecting them inside the prison out of the kindness of his heart.

One day Tobias Wronan shows up and frees Tom and Fincher, requiring their expertise at smuggling to fight the Empire. They string along Sheela and join the Rebel Army and the rest was history.



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