Lancamp Province

A map of Lancamp

Lancamp Province, is a province of the New Auron Republic, located south of the Suromac Desert and north of the Tamir-Auron border.

Notable Locations

  • Rashomon
  • Passacaglia
  • El Crossing
  • The Southern Wall aka Walsout
  • The Bane
  • Fort Arbor
  • Fort Balor
  • Fort Cinder
  • Fort Drakken
  • Toledo
  • Halstead

Lancamp is known for its dry and arid nature, with hot weather reaching triple digits all year round, and occasionall chance of rainfall and even snow. The land is rich in minerals and resources, resulting in the presence of mining boomtowns appearing overnight.

To the north lies the Suromac desert, similar to Lancamp, but with sand dunes and pyramids. The Salt Cliffs meet the Odysian Ocean to the west. To the east lies Elendil, the Elven swampland, seperated by the vast Black Bay. To the south is The Bane, right before the Tamiran steppes begin.

Lancamp folk are very reserved and naturally defensive due to the regions’ high rate of evil doings, even within secure settlements. People tend to mind their own business when in the face of brewing troubles and conflicts. However, they are no strangers to the vigilante style of justice, and towns will often band together to deal with excessive troublemakers. It is a borderline lawless country for those who wish to make a living by any means necessary. A good example is the town of Passacaglia, which is fundrd by The Council of Whores, which holds town hall meetings in the town brothel.

The food is pretty decent, as Lancamp is said to be the birthplace of the burger and the hotdog which are now both popular dishes throughout the land of Auron. Most of the provinces financial revenue is gained from mining, holy sites of pilgrimage and defending the nation’s southern border from invading forces.

The indigenous elves of the area are still around but very rare, hiding away in settlements dug into cliffsides or into the “bark” of stone tree stumps; relics of an ancient age.

Lancamp Province

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